Embedded Linux Talk

I created a talk titled Embedded Linux – un pinguino piccolo piccolo (“Embedded Linux – a small small penguin”) to explain the basics of embedded Linux systems to a moderately technical audience.

Here’s the abstract:

An embedded system is a computer, but it doesn’t look like. It can have infinite variants: peripherals, memory, shape… The only rule is that there are no rules! Let’s discover how complex a tiny embedded Linux system is. Then let’s discover how simple it can get bringing an ARM board to life using Buildroot.


This talk has been devised for the Linux Day 2015 (see the talk page).

I repeated it in a BgLUG event in March 2016, with an extended live demo, and at the Arduino/Genuino Day 2016, in a shorter form.


You can download the the slides (PDF, italian). The source code is on my GitHub repository.

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